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Listed below is the projected availability of courses within the Department of Psychology over the next four years. Please note that the course forecast is tentative and thus may have to be altered depending on availability of faculty, classrooms, and student demand.

Psychology (PSYC)

LEGEND: Use the guide below to understand the course forecast chart:
N = Course Not Offered
Y = Course Offered
Y-D = Course Offered. Day
Y-E = Course Offered. Evening
Y-W = Course Offered. Weekend
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Psychology (PSYC)
NumCourse TitleSprSumFallSprSumFallSprSumFall
1101Introduction to General PsychologyYYY
2000The Science of Psychology
2210Careers in PsychologyYYY
2258Psychology of Adjustment
2300Research Methods and Statistics YYY
3010Educational Psychology
3040Motivation and Emotion
3205Child Development
3270Engineering Psychology
3273Forensic Psychology
3301Experimental Design and AnalysisYYY
3305Life-Span Developmental PsychologyYYY
3315Psychology of Infant Development
3320Leadership and Group Dynamics
3325Social PsychologyYYY
3335Theories of PersonalityYYY
3340The Psychology of Family Interaction: A Developmental Perspective
3355Cross-Cultural PsychologyYY
3365Human SexualityYY
3370Industrial-Organizational PsychologyYY
3375Psychology of Career Development
3380Principles of Psychological TestingYY
3385Ethnic Minority PsychologyYY
3395Psychology of Prejudice and PrivilegeYY
3398Internship in Psychology
3401Psychology of Diversity
3410Health PsychologyY
3425Psychology of GenderYYY
3505The Psychology of the Emerging Adult: Late Adolescence through Early Adulthood
3510Psychoneuroimmunology: Mind Body Pathways
3775The Psychology of Religion: An Empirical Approach
4000International Psychology
4130Psychology of Aging
4345Learning and BehaviorYY
4400Directed Study in PsychologyYYY
4410Physiological PsychologyYYY
4420Ethics and Professional Issues in Applied Psychology
4430Abnormal PsychologyYYY
4440Clinical and Counseling Psychology: Science and PracticeYYY
4445History and Systems of Psychology
4455Cognitive PsychologyYY
4460Child Psychopathology
4475Psychology of Workplace Motivation and Leadership
4490Special Topics in PsychologyYY
4498Capstone Internship in Psychology
4499Senior Seminar in PsychologyYYY