Department of Psychology

Distinguished Teaching Award Nominations

If you would like to nominate a full-time Psychology Department faculty member for the Distinguished Teaching Award, please complete a short survey. The deadline for nominations is Monday, November 1.

The Department of Psychology offers a program that provides students with opportunities for personal and intellectual development, preparation for a wide range of employment opportunities with a bachelor's degree, as well as the necessary prerequisites for graduate education in psychology or for professional training in related fields such as law, medicine, business, management, education, or social work.

Courses in the psychology curriculum give students background in both the scientific and applied areas of the field. All majors complete the introductory course in psychology and a course on careers in psychology. A two-semester research sequence follows which emphasizes statistics, methodology, and experimental psychology. Students then select courses concerning the foundations of behavior and advanced topics in psychology. Upper division electives in the major furnishes students with additional background in an area of interest. The Senior Capstone Seminar provides closure to a student's undergraduate education.